NT$ 50,000 /年

每月只需 NT$ 4,167

原價 NT$ 55,000 /年
  • 贈送 100 張證書
  • 贈送 30 張模板
  • 管理員帳號 1 席
  • 自由模板設計
  • 模板設計共享
  • 測試信模組
  • 四階隱私權限模組
  • LinkedIn 分享
  • 區塊鏈即時驗證模組
  • 多語言支援
  • 履歷時間軸模組
  • 撤銷證書模組
  • 單頁憑證快速上鏈


每月只需 NT$ 6,667

原價 NT$ 95,500 /年
  • 已包含 BASIC 方案功能
  • 贈送 500 張證書
  • 贈送 100 張模板
  • 管理員帳號 1 席
  • 多頁文件檔案上鏈模組
  • QR code 自定義模組


  • 請提出你的客製方案
  • API 系統串接
  • 客製化底圖設計
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why choose to use a Turing certificate? What are the differences from general digital certificates?

    Turing Certs adopts the IOTA international public chain, which has high data governance and security. It also collaborates with many domestic and foreign government units, including the World Health Organization, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, and Taiwan's Ministry of Digital Development, all of whom are users of the Turing certificate.

  • Do we have to authenticate on Turing Cert’s website? Can we customize it if there are special requirements?

    Yes, it is possible to authenticate and verify on the client interface. By using the Turing Certs API module, it is possible to achieve a streaming service for customized websites to meet high compatibility for issuance, revocation, and verification.

  • Is there a concern about personal information when uploading files to the Turing Certs website during the certificate issuance process?

    Turing Certs is compliant with ISO 27001:2013 security certification and the EU GDPR privacy regulations. It is also expected to pass ISO 27701 in May 2023, providing even higher standards of security to protect customer privacy.

  • Is there any restriction on the template design for issuing certificates?

    The certificate format is highly flexible and the file is in A4 size, which can be edited and created by uploading a PDF. Both portrait and landscape orientations are available, and the Turing Certs backend also provides template options. If there are specific requirements for customized design templates, further discussions can be arranged.