Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Turing Certs

Welcome to Turing Certs (refer to as "Our Company" in the following). Our service includes Turing Certs Blockchain-based Resume Service and the website (refer to as "Company Service" in the following). To protect your rights and provide a better user experience, please read this Privacy Policy (refer to as "this policy" in the following) before you agree to use the website and related services; you will be deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to the contents of this Policy if you start using our service.

1. Scope

This Privacy Policy applies to the personal information you provide when you use this website ( and the subdomains including and the personal information we provide during our service ( and subdomains including You may be able to access other websites through the links provided on this website, but the privacy policies of these linked websites may differ from this policy, and this policy will not apply to other linked websites.

2. Purpose, Types, and Sources of Personal Information Collection

While using our service, the purpose, types, and sources of personal information collected are based on the following criteria
● Sources of collection
The issuer using Turing Certs Blockchain-based Resume service (Our Company is responsible for information processing.)
● Our service
Turing Certs Blockchain-based Resume Service.
The website that the issuer using Turing Certs Blockchain-based Resume Service who has signed a contract with Turing Certs.
● Legal Specific Purpose
1. 119 Issuing Certificates and Registration
2. 154 Credit Checking
3. C102 Agreement or Contract
4. 152 Advertising or Business Conduct Management
5. 090 Consumer, customer management and services
6. 040 Marketing (including financial co-marketing)
7. 157 Surveys, Statistics, and Research Analysis
8. 148 Internet Shopping and Other E-Commerce Service
● Personal Information Collection
I. Name, e-mail address, mobile phone number, and address;
ii. Identification number;
iii. License number;
iv. School number, school, grades;
v. Company of employment;
vi. Real estate information;
vii. E-mail address, phone number, organization name;
viii. Cookies
● Legal Personal Information Categories
1. C001 Personal identifier
2. C003 Identifiers in government data
3. C051 School records
4. C052 Qualifications or skills
5. C061 Current Employment Status
6. C032 Property
7. C001 Personal identifiers
8. C132 Unclassified information

3. Usage of Personal Information

The date you request to stop using or until the cessation of our service.
Your personal information will be used in any location where you have authorized the use of your personal information.
1. Our Company: Process and protect personal information as required by the issuer using the Turing Certs Blockchain-based Resume Service.
2. Issuer: The institution using Turing Certs Blockchain-based Resume Service to issue and manage the information of the certificates.
3. Receiver: Enquire about the personal certificates issued by the issuer.
Our Company complies with the Personal Information Protection Law and this Policy for personal information collection. Our Company will not actively provide the information you have provided to our Company to third parties, except in the following circumstances or in compliance with the Personal Information Law:
I. To cooperate with the investigation of judicial authorities.
ii. To cooperate with investigations by relevant government agencies as required by law or by their duties.
iii. With your consent.
iv. Complies the law.
v. For internal analysis and research purposes.
vi. Necessary outsourcing business.
To better user experience, our company's related websites may use cookie technology, including the IP address of your connected device, timespan, the browser you use, browsing and clicking data records, etc., for our website to analyze website activities, information collection, and provide service that meets user’s personal need; this record is for our company's internal analysis and research purposes only. If you do not wish to accept the use of cookies on our company's website, please go to your browser settings to disable the cookie tracking function, but this may result in restrictions on the usage of the Company's website or participation in activities.

4. Responsibility for Personal Information Not Directly Collected by Our Company

You are responsible for ensuring that the information you provide and store in our service is collected, processed, and used by the relevant provisions of the Personal Information Law when it involves the personal information of third parties. You shall be responsible for any damage to our Company, its operators, its personnel, or other third parties due to a breach of the law.

5. Information Protection

Our Company will do our best to protect your personal information within reasonable technical limits. The host of the website is equipped with firewalls and other related information security equipment and necessary security measures to prevent personal information from being stolen, tampered with, damaged, destroyed, or leaked, and only authorized personnel will have access to your personal information, relevant personnel is obliged to keep confidential. Any violation will be handled under relevant laws and regulations. If outsourcing business is necessary, our company will strictly require them to comply with the confidentiality obligations and take necessary measures to ensure that they do so.

6. User’s Self-Protection Measures

Please keep your information secure and avoid providing personal information, account, and password information to others. Use the website and related services through a secure or encrypted network, and remember to log out after using. If you’re sharing computers with others or using a public computer, please remember to close the browser and delete viewed history to prevent others from stealing or knowing the information you provided.

7. Solutions for Fraudulent Use of Accounts or Passwords

If you find out that your account or password is hacked, please inform our customer service as soon as possible. We have access to suspend the transactions generated by the account and we will discuss the solution with you. However, the measure above shall not be considered as a promise or an implication that our company has any form of compensation or responsibility to the user.

8. Rights of the Parties

Under the Personal Information Protection Law, you may contact our company (please refer to our company's website) to request the following rights:
1. Make inquiries or requests for access.
2. Ask for a copy.
3. Make additions or corrections.
4. Request to stop collecting, processing, or using.
5. Request for deletion.
6. Requests for the rights above, our company may charge the necessary costs, but may not be able to confirm your request if it does not comply with the application procedures, legal requirements, the preservation obligations of the website under the law, or other regulations according to the law.

9. Amendments to the Privacy Policy

Our company will revise and update the Terms of User Privacy Policy from time to time according to the actual needs and will announce them on the website without sending notifications to users, you are encouraged to be aware of the terms and conditions of the website to protect your safety and related rights of browsing the website; if you do not agree with our company's revision or update, please terminate our company’s service immediately, if you continue to use the website and the related services, you are deemed to have agreed to the amendments or updates. If you have any questions or suggestions about the content above or the website, please contact our customer service immediately.



歡迎使用台灣圖靈鏈股份有限公司(以下簡稱「本公司」)所提供之服務。服務之內容包含:TuringCerts Blockchain-based Resume 圖靈證書區塊鏈履歷服務及本網站(以下簡稱「本公司服務」)。為了保障您的權益及提供更好的使用者體驗,在您同意使用本網站及相關服務之前,請詳閱本隱私權政策(以下簡稱「本政策」);您在了解本政策後開始使用本公司之各項服務,將視為您已閱讀、了解並同意本政策內容。

1. 本政策的適用範圍

本隱私權政策之適用範圍,包括您使用本網站(certs.turingchain.tech及含有 turingchain.tech之子網域)及本公司服務(global.turingcerts.com及含有turingcerts.com子網域)時所提供之個人資料。 您可能透過本網站所提供的連結,點選進入其他網站,但這些連結網站的隱私權政策與本政策可能不同,本政策並不適用於其他連結網站,建議您自行參考並仔細閱讀該連結網站中的隱私權政策。

2. 個人資料蒐集之目的、類別與來源

● 蒐集來源
使用TuringCerts Blockchain-based Resume 圖靈證書區塊鏈履歷服務之發證方(本公司為資料處理者) 本公司
● 本公司服務
TuringCerts Blockchain-based Resume 圖靈證書區塊鏈履歷服務
使用TuringCerts Blockchain-based Resume 圖靈證書區塊鏈履歷服務之發證方與本公司簽訂合約 網站
● 法定特定目的
1. 119 發照與登記
2. 154 徵信
3. C102 約定或契約
4. 152 廣告或商業行為管理
5. 090 消費者、客戶管理與服務
6. 040 行銷(包含金控共同行銷業務)
7. 157 調查、統計與研究分析
8. 148 網路購物及其他電子商務服務
● 蒐集個資
I. 姓名、電子郵遞地址、行動電話、地址;
ii. 身分證字號;
iii. 證照號碼;
iv. 學號、學校、成績;
v. 任職公司;
vi. 不動產資訊;
vii. 電子郵遞地址、電話號碼、機構名稱;
viii. cookies
● 法定個資類別
1. C001 辨識個人者
2. C003 政府資料中之辨識者
3. C051 學校紀錄
4. C052 資格或技術
5. C061 現行之受僱情形
6. C032 財產
7. C001 辨識個人者
8. C132 未分類之資料

3. 個人資料利用之期間、地區、對象及方式

1. 本公司:依使用TuringCerts Blockchain-based Resume 圖靈證書區塊鏈履歷服務之發證方需求,處理及保護個人資料。
2. 發證方:使用TuringCerts Blockchain-based Resume 圖靈證書區塊鏈履歷服務之發證方管理其證照資料。
3. 收證方:查詢發證方核發之其個人證書。
I. 配合司法單位之調查;
ii. 配合相關政府機關依法律或職務需要之調查;
iii. 取得您的同意;
iv. 配合法律規定;
v. 內部分析與研究用途;
vi. 涉及委外業務而有必要時。
為了改善使用者體驗,本公司相關網站可能使用cookie技術,包括您使用連線設備的IP位址、使用時間之長短、使用的瀏覽器、瀏覽及點選資料記錄等,以利本網站進行網站活動之各種分析、資訊收集,並進而提供更適合使用者個人需要的服務;此記錄僅供本公司內部分析研究使用。 如您不希望接受本公司相關網站使用cookie,請自行利用瀏覽器的設定,關閉cookie追蹤功能,但此舉可能造成使用者在使用本公司相關網站或參與活動時受到限制。

4. 非本公司直接蒐集之個資責任


5. 資料之保護


6. 使用者自我保護措施


7. 帳號或密碼被冒用之處理


8. 當事人權利

1. 查詢或請求閱覽。
2. 製給複製本。
3. 補充或更正。
4. 請求停止蒐集、處理或利用。
5. 請求刪除。
6. 上述權利之行使,本公司可能依法酌收必要成本費用,若因不符合申請程序、法律規定、本網站依法負有保存義務或法律另有規定之情況者,則可能無法依您的要求辦理。

9. 隱私權政策之修正